Aux FX and Hot Cues Rack

The Aux Rack handles 2 types of items, the primary use is for AuxFX snapshots.

Aux Rack in use

When active (as indicated by the highlighted 'C' button) the usual keyboard trigger keys (as labeled) are available on this rack.

You can use the CTRL key to toggle the Cue Rack.

fxstack bundle icon

You create a new AuxFX item by dragging the FXStack bundle icon (the jigsaw pieces icon) from any FXStack onto an empty AuxRack Slot.

The rack is split into 4 groups, you can have an active AuxFX for each group, and they are processed in the order of A,B,C,D.

If an active AuxFX has a macro setup, this will appear in the assigned panel to the right.

Triggering an AuxFX in the same group will cause it to auto crossfade in (at the current TXSpeed) from the current active AuxFX in that group.

You can drag-and-drop any existing AuxFX slot to:

  • re-order them
  • drop them on to any slot to clone it in that slot (that is any Bus, rack slots, Screens or Workbench)
  • and dispose of them via the Trashcan

Once created or edited the AuxFX rack can be saved as a Aux Patch (via the Patches tab)

The AuxFX controls

AuxFX controls
  • PRE : all active AuxFX are processed BEFORE any Screen FX, otherwise all active AuxFX are performed after any Screen FX
  • KU:  release key events turn off slot
  • TG : triggers toggle active state (i.e press key to turn on, press key again to turn off)

Master AFX Level : controls the wet|dry mix of the final result of the active AuxFX mixed with the Screen slot outputs. The autofade buttons use the current TXSpeed.


Hot Cue options (not sure if these are staying)

Hot Cues Controls

Hot cues allow you to capture and restore a set of global states. i.e. snapshot EVERYTHING active so you can restore to the current playing state at will.

The 'lock' icon indicates that the Slot or FX is currently assigned to a Cue.

The 'key' icon indicates which Cues the currently selected Slot is assigned to.

  • HOT : Toggles ready to capture a HotCue state, when active pressing a trigger key on a empty AuxRack slot will create a Hot Cue in that slot.
  • CA & CB - Capture the respective Bus states only
  • LOCK  - Slots and Buses can not be Ejected while this is enabled and if they are currently used by any Hot Cues.