There are a few global controls which effect the whole playback

  • Speed - Global speed offset from zero to max, all Sources and Plugins will take this into account
  • RV - Reverse - all Sources and Plugins are set to reversed direction
  • II - All Sources and Plugins are paused

Although all Plugins should honor these, 3rd party ones may not.

There are a few global triggering controls which effect playing style (see The Rack)


QWERTY Keyboard
Quit application


Trigger Bus(Rack) or Cue(Rack) slot (top layer)(middle layer)(bottom layer)

lowercase (1-8)(q - i)(a - k)(z - ,)

Stop slot (top layer)(middle layer)(bottom layer)

Left Shift + trigger as above

Select/Toggle FX on current selected Slot

(F1 - F8)

Trigger Tape Loop Left Alt + 1-5
Stop Tape Loop Left Shift + Left Alt + 1-5
Temporarily switch controls to other Bus Hold Alt
Tap in BMP

Space Bar (x8)

Sync (Jump to first beat / start of tape / start of clips) Left Shift + Space Bar
Global Reverse Toggle Left Arrow
Toggle between Cue Rack & Active Bus Rack CTRL
Toggle Active Bus Rack (Between A or B , when Cue Rack is not active) TAB

Drag and drop

You can drag patches from the 'Patches' section and drop them on to the Bus output at the top of the screen to quickly load a patch into that Bus.