Tape Loops

Tapes are used to record / dub / playback actions and sequences. The control panel is on the left hand side of the 'Aux Rack' section.

Tape section

The Tape loops have some auto magic states, they are always running in sync with the main BPM.

The large dial when running shows the current position within the current bar.

The large white readout show the current bar of the tape.

The smaller blue readout shows the total length of the tape in bars.

The length of the tape can be manually set at any time using the +/- buttons. If the bars is set to 0(zero) then the length will depend on the recording time. This is auto length mode and the smaller bar total turns orange.

The '[]' is the Stop button, F9-F12 are the Trigger buttons, LP (Loop Rec/Playback), 'U'ndo button.

The the start state shown above, has all the tapes set to 1 bar long and are currently empty.

Recording to Tape

Pressing the trigger button (F9,F10,F12) on an empty tape will set to to cue mode: (if not empty tape then goes into Cued Playback mode, see below)

Tape Cued

When Cued, a solid bar is shown to count down through each bar, and the trigger button will flash red. This continues until the first event is recorded. The event is always recorded in the first bar, so if you add an event close to the end of this bar the recording will move to the next bar (if there is one).

It will then enter recording mode:

Tape Recording

When in recording mode, a red marker LED displays the current position and the record button is a solid red. Also the 'U'ndo button becomes lit. At this point the tape will loop, if total bars was manually set, or continue until recording is stop or reach the max 64 bars length.

Pressing 'U'ndo at any point during this state will remove all the events recorded on the tape during this round.

Pressing Stop '[]' (or LeftShift & Trigger F9-F12) at this point will switch to count down (solid bar) and stop at the end of this bar. If in auto length mode, this will set the tape length.

Playing a Tape

Pressing Play 'F9-12' will switch to Playback mode: (if not already running it will end playback cue mode, and start on next bar)

Tape Playback


You can at his point toggle between 'Record | OverDub' and Playback using the trigger button 'F9-F12'.

When ever you '[]'Stop, playback or recording, the trigger button will flash and the led ring shows solid and will stop at the end of the current bar.

Tape stopping

And finally, to clear the tape, press the Stop button when not its not running, it will flash quickly for 2 seconds, if you press it again in this time it will clear and reset the tape.

The selection of actions/event that are recorded is still a bit fluid, but most are and includes Slot starting/stopping and most  FX parameter changes.