Video Feeds

IQSynth can handle multiple live video feeds. These are found under the Externals tab.

multiple video feeds

An example of 3 types of video feeds, PCI Capture Card, USB Webcam and a USB Capture Card.


single video feed

An example of a single video feed available.


Available 'Video Inputs' can be toggled On/Off, and you can perform the usual drag & drop from preview to slot position to use them in the Bus Racks.

Clicking on the '?' button next to a video feed will display an settings and information dialog, like the one below.

video feed control

Currently you can only attempt to change the capture resolution and toggle a De-interlace option.

Only video device drivers that support 'Video For Linux' (v4l2) are supported. The device/driver must also: Allow Memory Mapping , support Capture Formats: 24bit RGB or BGR and/or YUYV, and MUST allow for at least 2 ReadBuffers in the capture format supported.

Sorry, but streaming only capture dives are not currently handled.  If your video feed does not show as available you can review the possible reason by visiting 'Configuration & Tools'->'Configuration'->'User' and clicking on the 'Video In Report'.